Endurance is the autobiography of the retired astronaut, Scott Kelly. The thing that

makes this book really interesting is that it covers Scott Kelly’s extraordinary year on the ISS -International Space Station- and also his past, from when he was a young boy and hated school to when he signed himself up for the #yearinspace program.

This book is extremely interesting and detailed. When I was reading parts of it, I could

see through the eyes of the narrator and see the things that Scott Kelly did on the space station and his view of earth from the “CUPOLA” -a room made of windows so that the occupants can see the earth and other areas of space. I found the book very personal as Scott writes a lot about his home life as well as his life in space and as a test pilot. At times the language was slightly confusing as I do not know a lot about space stations. When he was talking about piloting different planes and jets it was especially confusing but Scott Kelly explained most of what he was talking about.

While we are reading we can see the stress that being sent into space, from the danger of flying into space junk, the spaceship exploding, or the thing that Scott feared most; the danger of something happening while he is away and he being unable to help. This book makes you fear for the people who are featured in it, even though we know it has already happened and it touched me to read about it from one of the two people who actually had to spend the year in space.