Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By JK Rowling

Jack Thorne

John Tiffany

This book is set around nineteen years after Harry defeated Voldemort. Harry is an Auror, Ron owns Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and Hermione is… well, I won’t tell you that but I can tell you it is pretty impressive. As most people know after reading the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Hermione is married to Ron and they have two children: Hugo and Rose. Harry is married to Ginny and they have three children: Lily, James and Albus Severus.

The script (it is the script for a play) is based around the life Albus has in Hogwarts. On arriving on the Hogwarts Express, Albus immediately makes friends with a boy called Scorpius who is Draco Malfoy’s son. During the story, Albus finds that he hates Hogwarts and ends up having many arguments with his father. Meanwhile, Scorpius is having his own problems: there is a rumour going around that he is Voldemort’s son! But Voldemort’s real child is on the prowl and the boys better watch out because they will end up going on an adventure they never signed up for…


Goodnight Mister Tom

This story is based during World War Two and is about a small eight-year-old boy named Willie. After being evacuated from a war-torn area in London he goes to live with Mister Tom, a hard-faced, lonely man.  After a while is spent living in Little Weirwold, (that’s what the town is called) Willie not only heals his self-esteem but heals Mister Tom’s broken heart as well.

This story continues as William makes friends and Little Weirwold becomes his home more than London ever was. Back in London he was beaten and thought to always be still and quiet by his cruel mother. But, just as he is beginning to properly enjoy his life with Mister Tom, William is called back to London by his wicked mother, not knowing if he will ever see Mister Tom again.

This book is heart-wrenching and makes you cry as you near the end. It is quite easy to read but at times you would want to put the book back on the bookshelf and start another one because of how sad it is. I would recommend it for ten years and up as it is hard to read some of it because the author wrote the accents in it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

By JRR Tolkien

This is book two in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It contains parts three and four. After the first book, you would be wondering what happened to Frodo and Sam so Tolkien makes you wait, only revealing what happens to them in part four.

In part three you see a lot about poor Merry and Pippin and their adventures and you also see how things are going with Strider (or Aragorn), Legolas and Gimli. Part three brings back old characters and gives us an insight in great detail of the battles that follow their arrival.

Then we finally get to the part we have been waiting for. The much shorter, part four. This part tells us of the exploits of Frodo and Sam, (and the mysterious lurking figure that follows them wherever they go…)

I love this book even more than the first as there is a lot more action in it. It shows how each and every character must be brave at some point. The book has loads of descriptive and interesting language but the writing is small and I would recommend it to ten to twelve years and up.

The Girl That Saved Christmas


By Matt Haig


The Girl That Saved Christmas is the sequel to the magnificent book The Boy Called Christmas. Obviously, you would need to read the first book to understand some of the references in this one but Matt Haig did do a good job explaining for those who decide not to read it.

The story brings in many magical and mystical creatures such as elves, reindeer, trolls and pixies. Matt Haig has also included elves swear words which go from “impossible” to “dickens.” The story is based on hope and the disaster is that Amelia, the most hopeful person on earth is losing hers and a group of trolls have decided that Christmas must be cancelled!

The book is based in the 1800s in London and in the North Pole (of course!) There are some people and things that are recognisable from that time such as workhouses and Charles Dickens. My favourite character is Amelia because most people can relate to her in some way.

This book is great for all ages though there are some really sad parts in it. I would rate it 10/10. I think it is better even than the first book and that is a rare sight!

The Art of Being Normal

By Lisa Williamson


“The Art of Being Normal “is my favourite book because it is a beautiful story about friendship and belonging. This story starts with a big secret – David wants to be a girl. He has wanted it from when he was young but he was too afraid to tell anyone except his two best friends. This is the first book I have read where the main character is transgender and it has a positive message for anyone experiencing the same situation.

It shows us that you can always count on your friends even when things get tough. While being bullied in the school canteen Leo, the new kid in school, stands up for him and an unlikely friendship is formed. Leo wants to be invisible and rejects friendship but he finds that everyone needs a friend to stand up for them in the end.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings


By JRR Tolkien

The Fellowship of the Rings is an amazing tale of danger and adventure. Though at the start it is quite boring and takes a while to get into the action when it does you can’t put the book down. JRR Tolkien spent a lot of time on the detail and the description of things in the book so you are able to imagine every second of it.

The story starts when Frodo, the main character in this series is entrusted with a very dangerous ring. He must travel to the end of middle earth to destroy it in the Crack of Doom. He must travel with a company of skilled men, hobbits, dwarves, wizards and elves. Trust is essential. But can he trust them all?

I think this book is for 12 and over as it has small writing and some difficult words but all in all it is brilliant!

A Monster Calls


By Patrick Ness

After The Knife of Never Letting Go I knew this would be good. A Monster Calls is an amazing book with a very sorrowful tale. Started by Siobhan Down and taken up by Patrick Ness after Siobhan’s untimely death, this book tells the story of a young boy called Conor whose mother has cancer. Ever since his mother started her treatments Conor has been having a nightmare. Well, not a nightmare, the nightmare. The one with the darkness and the wind and the screaming. Then just after midnight it came. As they do.

Conor has been expecting the one from his nightmare but this one is different. It is something ancient, something wild. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor.


This book is brilliant and filled with action though it does make you cry at times. I love it and it was the best book ever.