Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight

Skulduggery Pleasant Midnight

Valkerie Cain is officially back in business after (sort of) recovering from the trauma of becoming her alter-ego Darquesse. Though her first mission to stop the rise of a powerful sorceress known as Abyssinia was not a huge success, she and Skulduggery are doing everything in their power to track her down. One wrong step after another leads them to old and new enemies… but they have bigger problems. Valkerie’s younger sister is snatched from between her fingertips by a ruthless killer with a grudge. With no help or guidance, she must find them and bring seven-year-old Alice back, before it’s too late. She has until midnight to find her. That gives her six hours. Midnight. The clock is ticking…

In the book, there is a march that is against the idea of mortal refugees from another dimension being allowed to live in their city, Roarhaven, which is only populated by sorcerers. This is not something the author made up just for our entertainment. Though Derek Landy did make up “Dimension X”, this situation happens in real life. In 2004, a referendum took place in response to the ongoing concerns about refugees in Ireland and it put into the constitution that children born in the country who didn’t have Irish parents didn’t get citizenship.

As usual, Derek Landy’s book was rib-crackingly hilarious though, it did end with a heartbreaking cliffhanger. I cannot wait for the next book (number 12?) and hope that the series will never end. The rating is a definite 6 out of 5 and I would recommend it for over tens due to threats, violence, death and difficult words.


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