The Girl That Saved Christmas


By Matt Haig


The Girl That Saved Christmas is the sequel to the magnificent book The Boy Called Christmas. Obviously, you would need to read the first book to understand some of the references in this one but Matt Haig did do a good job explaining for those who decide not to read it.

The story brings in many magical and mystical creatures such as elves, reindeer, trolls and pixies. Matt Haig has also included elves swear words which go from “impossible” to “dickens.” The story is based on hope and the disaster is that Amelia, the most hopeful person on earth is losing hers and a group of trolls have decided that Christmas must be cancelled!

The book is based in the 1800s in London and in the North Pole (of course!) There are some people and things that are recognisable from that time such as workhouses and Charles Dickens. My favourite character is Amelia because most people can relate to her in some way.

This book is great for all ages though there are some really sad parts in it. I would rate it 10/10. I think it is better even than the first book and that is a rare sight!


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